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We are a small, family owned business located at York, Nebraska. There is no dealer network, we design, we build, we ship. You deal direct with us which, in turn,  keeps costs lower and enables us to customize equipment to specific needs of the customer.

As farm producers ourselves who do most of our own repair and maintenance work, we understand the practical use and the mechanical requirements of machinery used in agriculture and related businesses.

Our commitment to building quality equipment is founded on two fundamental beliefs:
  1. We believe in manufacturing products that do the job for which they are designed and do it very well.
  2. Secondly, we believe equipment should be durable to last for many years of service with minimal upkeep. To that end, we use materials and components that have proven themselves to be dependable in agricultural and industrial applications.
The end result is a product that is reliable, yet simple, and saves you both work and money.

Brief Product Overview

The EasyPick™ Harvest Assistant line of equipment was born out of necessity on our own farm back in 1996, originally for use in removing strawberry blossoms in the year of establishment. In subsequent years, it became necessary to harvest more and more of our strawberry crop with our own staff, instead of relying on the u-pick customer. That, coupled with the ever changing labor pool, forced us to look at ways to make strawberry harvesting easier and thereby more enticing to older, more experienced workers. Hence the birth of the EasyPick™ Harvest Assistant and, since we were so impressed at how valuable the machine was on our farm, we decided to build and market the machine to other strawberry and/or vegetable growers. We presently have machines in 12 states, Canada and Europe.

The AC 148 asparagus cart was released in 2017. As the name implies it is specifically designed for harvesting asparagus. You will find more information on the Asparagus Cart page.

For more detailed information on any of these products, click on the links above and then, please, give us a call.
If you are interested in purchasing one of our machines, or you need more information than what is found on this website, please use the contact information at the bottom of the page.

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