EasyPick™ Harvest Assistant

As fruit and/or vegetable producers, we are all facing similar issues. Chief among them is labor, whether it is a shortage of labor, lack of motivated labor, or lack of capable labor. Secondly, with the introduction of the Food Safety Modernization Act we are all now faced with compliance issues to some degree or another. Our machines offer growers an easier way to meet these issues head on.

  • Help your employees be more efficient with their time by moving the harvest containers with them through the field.
  • Eliminate the wasted time necessary to carry individual containers some distance through the field on foot.
  • Eliminate the distraction of worker strain caused by being hunched over the row and/or on hands and knees.
  • Keeps workers out of the direct sun.
  • Harvest containers don’t come into contact with the ground, reducing the possibility of contamination.
  • Workers aren’t disturbing mulch and soil, nor harming the plants, because of foot traffic. This could potentially increase the productivity of your crops and reduce the possibility of contamination from soil dwelling organisms.

The first EasyPick™ Harvest Assistant was designed for harvesting strawberries on our own farm, (Naber Produce Farm LLC), because of labor issues. We, along with many of our customers have found many more uses for the machines that are just as valuable.

  • Can be used for harvesting green beans, onions, radishes, and lettuces. With additional equipment options, the machine can be used to harvest staked tomatoes as well as peppers.
  • Specific machines have been designed for harvesting asparagus and pickling cucumbers as well.

Other uses include:

  • High density planting and transplanting for bulbs, nursery stock, strawberries, onions, and other plants.
  • Weeding plants beds.
  • Flower and runner removal for strawberry plants.

Here are some of the key features applicable to all models:

  • The EasyPick™ Harvest Assistant operates in all weather conditions allowing harvest to continue uninterrupted, meanwhile protecting harvesters from the rain or the effects of the harsh sun.
  • By eliminating the back breaking strain put on you or your employee's bodies, you can increase productivity and potentially reduce your liability for repetitive motion injuries.
  • Since the containers move continuously through the field with the picking crew, you increase harvest productivity. One person can periodically unload product from the machine and transport to the cooler while your harvest crew keeps harvesting nonstop.
  • Harvest the same volume of crop while saving as much as 30% on labor costs. We've also observed that using this machine actually helps slower employees work at a pace much closer to that set by top performing employees.                                                                                            
  • Our machines are designed and built to last, which is one reason we now use planetary, or worm gear final drives, for durability.
  • Field tested in all conditions, and proven to perform to expectations. Our first machine went to work in 1996 with improvements being developed over 27 years of actual in field conditions.

The specifications for the various models we produce can be found below the main navigation bar. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via the link below.

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