EasyPick 400 Series Harvest Assistant

We have merged the 400 model into the 300 series. All features are available on the 300.


  • 4 row, 2 wheel drive machines use a 10 hp engine. Larger machines, or those with the 4 wheel drive option use correspondingly larger engines.
  • Engine choices are: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard® or Honda® gasoline engines, or Kubota® diesel.
  • 12 volt electrical system for engine starting, steering controls, radio (not included).
  • Hydrostatic propulsion, infinitely variable from 0 to 100 feet per minute.
  • Hydraulic traction lock is now standard.
  • Fully automatic in-row steering, using guide shoe or guide fingers, is now an optional add-on, (formerly standard issue).
  • 9.5"x16" tires.(Optional 9.5"x24")
  • Planetary drive hubs.
  • Independent, hydraulic floating front wheels are now optional.
  • Cushioned, independently adjustable harvesting stations.
  • Each harvesting station holds 5 standard 8 quart shipping containers and can be customized for other size containers.
  • Canopy is standard and is field removable.
  • Four wheel drive is an available option.
  • Adjustable row or bed spacing from 36" on up.
  • Tool bars can be equipped with folding mechanisms to allow for narrower transport width.
  • Other customized configurations are possible, just ask.

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