EasyPick 200 Series Harvest Assistant

The 200 Series was a new introduction for the 2006 season.

The 200 model, with it's 2 rear wheel drive, overcomes the low traction issues of the 100 model series. This model will allow harvesting, or other cropping operations, to continue virtually uninterrupted regardless of whether the field is muddy or dry. With the introduction of the 200 Series we can now offer the 2 station EasyPick machine in a 2 wheel drive model that will handle those wet fields much better and yet is affordable for the smaller farm.

As with all the EasyPick™ models, the 200 Series makes harvesting a much more pleasant task and if you are utilizing employees to harvest your crop, we're going to save you some money. Specifically, when picking strawberries, we've seen labor savings of up to 30% on our own farm.

Not only will harvesting become easier and less expensive, but you will find ways for the EasyPick™ machines to help you with other tasks as well. EasyPick™ machines are commonly used for weeding, transplanting strawberry plants and onion slips, asparagus harvesting, cucumber harvesting, snap bean harvesting and the like.

Specifications for the 200 Series machines

  • 8 hp. Honda recoil start engine standard on 2 row machines. Electric start optional.
  • 9 hp. Honda electric start on 4 row models.
  • 2 wheel drive.
  • Heavy duty planetary gear wheel drive, no chains to maintain or break. Upgraded from worm gear drive in earlier versions.
  • Hydrostatic propulsion, single lever speed and direction control.
  • Hydraulic traction lock standard on 4 row models and optional on 2 row.
  • Manual hydraulic steering control.
  • 2 independently adjustable work stations for all row spacings. Up to 4 work stations on row spacings 60" or less. Can also be fitted with twin workstations to allow 4 people to harvest 2 crop beds that are spaced 60" apart or wider.
  • Adjustable row spacing from 36 to 72 inches on center.
  • Low profile, fits in well ventilated high tunnels.
  • Each work station comes with a moveable picking tray that can be custom sized to fit your harvest containers.
  • Work stations also come with removable storage trays underneath the work bed for storing filled harvest containers.
  • Canopy is now standard equipment on all models.
  • Every EasyPick machine is customizable to fit any particular growers unique requirements.

The 200 Series is available as a 4 row model as pictured above.

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