EasyPick 100 Series Harvest Assistant

Many growers have wanted to use a machine for assisting in the harvest of low growing crops, but could not justify the size or cost of our larger EasyPick machines on their smaller farms. With that in mind, we developed the 100 Series EasyPick Harvest Assistant. You still get the reliability of the larger machines and the benefits of a machine aided harvest, but at a price that fits into the smaller farm's budget.

The 100 Series machines work great for harvesting in high tunnels (with adequate ventilation). Harvest strawberries, asparagus, cucumbers, green beans; also use for planting, weeding, or other bed maintenance tasks.

With it's single front wheel drive, the 100 Series does have limited traction in wet conditions, particularly on heavy, poorly drained soils that stay wet for long periods of time. However, it is well suited for use on lighter, well drained soils, in situations where it is not as necessary to operate in muddy conditions and for use in high tunnel environments.

The 100 Series machines can be fitted with a hydraulically operated front hitch that enables the machine to be towed behind a tractor or pickup truck for short distance moving. The hitch is operated off of the machine's own hydraulic system. There is also a fixed front hitch option to allow for towing behind a tractor with a drawbar on the 3 pt. lift arms.

The 100 Series is available only in the 2 bed configuration. It can, however, be fitted with twin beds for 4 people working on 2 crop beds up to 72" on center.

Specifications for 1oo Series machines

  • 6 1/2 hp. Honda recoil start engines.
  • Front wheel drive.
  • Planetary final drive gearbox, (no chains to break or maintain).
  • Hydrostatic propulsion, variable speed.
  • Manual steering controls.
  • 2 independently adjustable work stations. 2 people on 48" or narrower rows, or up to 4 people on twin workstations working 2 crop beds on 60" or wider bed centers.
  • Row spacing adjustable from 36-72" center to center.
  • Low profile, works well in ventilated high tunnel situations.
  • Customizable, can be adapted to unique harvesting requirements such as wide bed tops, high clearance for staked crops, seats instead of beds for harvesting taller crops, etc.
  • Canopy is now standard equipment on all models.

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